How to Start a Franchise Business

You’ve put in the effort to consider the merits of owning a franchise versus starting a new business on your own. The decision to become a franchise owner is definitely the right one for you. Now that you’ve settled this part of the process, it’s time to move on to the rest. Here are some of the essentials that you need to know about starting a franchise business and what it can mean for your future.  
Assess the Talents and Other Assets You Bring to the Table
Before you spend any time investigating different franchise opportunities, take the time to conduct a personal inventory. Consider what you offer that would prove helpful to heading up a franchise of any type. The point is to determine what you possess that will serve the effort and what other skills you need to acquire or at least have in those who will work for you.
This must be more comprehensive than identifying general traits. Being good with people is general, but determining that you are able to communicate effectively with people of a certain age, background, or economic status is more specific. Why does that matter? Drilling down on what you’re good at helps narrow the range of franchise choices to ones where your talents and skills would be the most effective. That in turn increases the odds for being successful.
Consider the Situation in Your Targeted Market
What do you envision as the market for your business effort? One of the more important aspects of learning how to start a franchise business is identifying the customer demographics that you will serve. There’s often a primary focus, but there could also be a secondary or even a third market that would also receive some attention.
How well would a particular franchise serve the demographic you’ve identified? Are there other businesses in the geographic area you’ve targeted that already meet their needs? Is there room for you to provide something that’s not as prominent among those competitors? The answers to those questions can help you determine if a particular franchise is worth pursuing or if you need to continue the search.
Identify What Life Goals You Would Want to Pursue
You could probably earn a living working for someone else. If that’s what you want to accomplish, operating a franchise may or may not be something you want to do. In the event that working for others does not provide the pathway to fulfilling your life goals, franchise ownership might do the trick. You’ll know that if you determine what those life goals happen to be.
Remember they can be a combination of short-term and long-term goals. Maybe you want a situation that allows you to earn a decent living while having more time to spend with a spouse and kids. Perhaps you’ve traveled most of your working life and would rather remain closer to home. Maybe you want to build something that your kids can own once you’re gone.
Whatever the goals happen to be, the franchise that you pursue must provide a means of reaching them. Look closely at what’s required and the type of service and support you can offer to your clientele. If you find that franchise provides the opportunity that you seek, it’s worth looking into a little further.
Consider the Pros and Cons Associated With Owning a Franchise
You’ve already done some of this when you were considering the idea of becoming a franchisee versus starting your own business from the ground up. At this point in the process, it never hurts to perform a quick review. Why? You may have learned something along the way that changes your perspective.
Since you are now actively looking at franchise opportunities, there may be some aspects that didn’t turn up in your previous research. Are they game changers? Have they motivated you to rethink owning a franchise, or does this new information make you more determined than ever to find the right opportunity? If it’s the latter, then you definitely want to keep going.
Identify Franchise Opportunities That Fit in With Your Life Goals
Some of your life goals have to do with creating a secure financial future. Others have to do with providing a sense of fulfillment through your work. Some of them may have to do with making your community a better place to live. Is it even possible to find a franchise that addresses all three of these areas? For many people, the answer is yes.
There will always be some give and take, simply because you’re seeking to operate in a situation where there’s a partner relationship. While you do own the franchise, the franchisor is someone who impacts the way you run the business. It’s not must about having access to brand names, logos, sales materials, and other resources. You also make a commitment that ensures the connection is beneficial to both parties.
Look closely at what the franchisor requires from you. If you can provide that and doing so does not interfere with working on your life goals, the fit is a good one. Should you have some reason to hesitate, take that as a sign to consider an alternative franchise.
Think About Buying an Existing Franchise Rather Than Starting a New One
Much of your focus has been on establishing a franchise of your own. That’s great and certainly comes with advantages. You may also want to think about acquiring a franchise that’s already established and serving the consumer sectors that you have in mind.
Why think about cleaning service franchise opportunities that are already up and running? Much of the basic setup is already in place. You may need to tweak it a little, but it’s already making money and capable of continuing to do so. There’s also the matter of the good reputation that the previous owner built up over time. You can capitalized on that while also beginning to cultivate some good will of your own.
With that in mind, feel free to check out that cleaning franchise for sale and see what you think. If it would allow you to secure local benefits as well as those provided by the franchisor, this could be your ticket to being off to a stronger start than you originally envisioned.
Set Up Your Corporation
You will need a corporate structure to house your franchise. In other words, it’s time to incorporate. You may choose to set yourself up as a limited liability corporation or go with a C corporation. Depending on how the franchise offer is set up, you may or may not be able to structure the business as a sole proprietorship.
Which one would be best? Your most practical approach is to talk with a business lawyer and compare each option. That will provide more of an idea of the legal obligations that come with each choices, the protections you have under current laws, and even how each option could impact your tax obligation. From there, you can determine which approach serves your purpose.
Remember that part of understanding how to start a franchise is drafting a business plan. You’ll need this anyway when you begin serious talks with a franchisor. What you may not realize is that having your business plan more or less fleshed out will make it easier to decide what sort of incorporation would work best. Take the time to structure that business plan before you make an appointment with the business lawyer.
Go Over the Franchisor Agreement Carefully
You’ve found a franchisor and the fit seems to be a good one. With the agreement in front of you, it’s time to go over it in great detail. From the start up costs to the support you’ll receive to the overall cleaning franchise cost on a monthly and annual basis, there should be no questions left unanswered.
Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to have an objective third party take a look at the agreement. That would be the business lawyer you’ve consulted previously. Ideally, the legal counsel should have some experience with franchise agreements. The lawyer may see things that you overlooked, or be in a position to provide some additional background that impacts how you interpret certain clauses. The information you get from the lawyer will make it easier to go back to the franchisor and make sure everyone is on the same page.
Establish the Business and Commit to Making It a Success
The final step in learning how to open a franchise business is the opening itself. Once the agreements are signed and the timeline for the launch is locked in, the ball is in your court. There will be plenty of hours to put in and more decisions to make before the doors open. Even then, you will continue to be the person who makes decisions that affect the future of the operation.
Commit to doing everything in your power to make the business a success. That goes beyond using your abilities to the best advantage. It will also mean hiring people with the skills and the drive that you need. You’ll also need to provide them with incentives to stay with you for the long haul. With the right touch, you will make the franchise a success.
Many people who decide to become franchisees will tell you that it’s the best decision they ever made. Choose wisely and make decisions that improve the odds for success. Never hesitate to seek out advice when needed or provide support to someone who’s also pursuing their dreams. With the right combination of skill, experience, willingness to learn, and commitment to excellence, you will find that your franchise is one of the best things that ever happened for you and for those you love.